Volunteers of the Year

Terry Finn- Special Events Volunteer  

As a survivor it is important for me to find out new information that will keep me updated on advancements in melanoma  treatments, MNC is a great support organization that does just that. I volunteer to help bring awareness. MNC provides a place to turn to for personal answers and information on Melanoma and is funded through these events I volunteer  for. Awareness is the key to survival”

Farhan Mahmood- Patient Education Skin of Colour Committee Volunteer  

Melanoma is a highly preventable and manageable skin condition if caught early. Thus, it is essential to raise awareness in our community about melanoma and how to detect it, in addition to providing humanistic support. People with skin of colour are also susceptible to melanoma; however, there is a lack of awareness or advocacy for individuals with skin of colour. It was an honour for me to get involved with the Melanoma Network of Canada to help develop content about melanoma in skin of colour patients and serve as an advocate. As a future physician, I truly value advocacy and social accountability, so I hope our volunteer work helps improve lives and inspire others to advocate as well.” 

Milena Music- Patient Education and Personal Care Centre Committee Volunteer  

Volunteering for the Melanoma Network of Canada has been an extremely rewarding experience! Patient education materials surrounding skin cancer prevention approaches and skin self exams can be highly effective at reducing the incidence of melanoma. Mary and her team have been amazing and are always on top of every project. It has been an absolute pleasure working with them.”

We are so appreciative for our many volunteers at MNC. Without your dedication, we would not be able to deliver our education programs, fundraising activities and patient support programs. The precious gifts of your time, enthusiasm, experience, talents and wisdom allows MNC to shine. Your acts of kindness leave a great impact on the hearts of many.


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