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“Volunteers are not paid because they are worthless…but because they are priceless.”

Often time people who have dealt with a cancer diagnosis want to support others with cancer. Whether you are a cancer survivor or a family member or friend of someone living with cancer, you have a lot of valuable experience that can help others facing cancer. Becoming a volunteer makes an important difference in someone else’s life and often makes a positive difference in your own life. Being a volunteer offers different rewards for everyone. In fact, many volunteers say sharing their time makes them feel good, helps to build new friendships, and widens their network of support. Want to volunteer with us? Sign up below!

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Here are a few ways that you can make an immediate and lasting contribution to the melanoma community in Canada:

General Volunteers

General Volunteers will perform a variety of tasks to raise awareness for MNC and prevention for melanoma in their communities.

  • Talking about the Melanoma Network of Canada at community events
  • Ensure that MNC educational materials and newsletters are in-stock and available in local clinics, patient libraries and hospitals
  • Distributing posters, brochures and other materials to local outlets
  • Promoting healthy living and risk reduction messages in schools, community groups, cultural organizations and in the workplace by making presentations and setting up displays
  • Working with the local media, distributing public service announcements and other materials to newspapers, television and radio stations
  • And much more!

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Peer to Peer

Peer to Peer Volunteers are one of the top areas of support patients look for when they are newly diagnosed or face a change in their circumstances: another patient who has “walked in their shoes”. By sharing your story and lending an empathetic ear, you can help to support another patient feel like they are not alone. MNC will provide training and on-going support.

  • Provide a one-on-one relationship between two patients so that they can act as each other’s mentor during their journeys with melanoma
  • Create a special relationship with one another and be able to relieve some of their stress, worries, concerns, and fears that come from living with this diagnosis
  • Peer mentors will be assigned (to the best of MNC’s ability) by similar geographic location, diagnosis, life situation, and age

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Regional Representatives

MNC Regional Representatives are volunteers that have agreed to represent the organization for a province, territory or region. One of the biggest challenges that a new organization like MNC faces is reaching out to all the communities across the country. If you are interested in making sure that melanoma resources and patient support are included in your community, we would love to talk to you! 

  • Gather current information and keep up to date on emerging developments with melanoma (in your region) to update volunteers, MNC staff, as well as being able to liaison with media and other interested parties
  • Recruit and liaise with Melanoma Network volunteers in the region- volunteers will be involved in fundraising events including national walk, youth education presentations, and other MNC initiatives
  • Develop new partnerships in the province- particularly in schools, health care and any corporate interest
  • Distribute materials to major medical facilities, health agencies and cancer organizations such as Wellspring
  • Liaise with MNC staff to provide updates on provincial activity, volunteer communication, new developments, and general administrative duties
  • Assist with program development and initiatives for education, health promotion and prevention of skin cancers and melanoma

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Event Volunteers

Event Volunteers assist with the organization and on-site activities of events, including our two major fundraisers, Tee Off For Melanoma Awareness (Spring, Halton Region) and Strides for Melanoma (Fall, across Canada).

  • Registration activities on-site
  • Recruiting other volunteers to help with the event
  • Advertising MNC events in your local community (Twitter, Facebook, word-of-mouth, local papers)
  • Getting auction items donated to the silent auction
  • Recruiting sponsorships
  • Recruiting participants and teams
  • Helping to set-up and takedown any MNC materials needed the day of the event
  • Assist with general tournament duties- ie. take pictures at the event, distribute swag bags, help program run smoothly, etc.
  • Even organize a Walk or event in your local community!
  • And more!

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Volunteers are an integral part of our organization and help us to offer and deliver meaningful support services, expand research and outreach initiatives and increase melanoma awareness and prevention. MNC volunteers are cherished and respected members of our team and help us to respond to the needs of, and create a strong and united voice for, the melanoma community in Canada. Whether our volunteers are offering a shoulder to lean on, helping at a fundraising event, or assisting with a community based awareness project, they offer critical resources and expertise.

If you are interested in learning more about the positions above or have another skill you would like to share with us, please contact Eve Dufour at 905-901-5121 ext 105 or edufour@melanomanetwork.ca