Uveal Melanoma Patient Guide


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A Guide to Uveal Melanoma – Melanoma of the Eye

Download your FREE patient guide for Uveal Melanoma from Melanoma Network of Canada. You’ll need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer.

This guide provides information for newly diagnosed patients with uveal melanoma. It was written in collaboration with Princess Margaret Hospital, with the help of leading medical specialists and is based on research and current best practices. The guide provides a good overview of this rare and often challenging disease.


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Questions To Ask Your Doctor

View, download or print this list of questions to ask your health care team.

Additional Resources

You can also find additional information about Uveal melanoma through the following sites and  organizations:

EYE PLAQUE PATIENT INFORMATION BOOKLET is a booklet explaining one of the treatments for eye cancer.

EYE CANCER NETWORK is a dedicated education site for people with eye tumours and their friends and families.

LOST EYE provides support and discussion for people who have lost an eye.

BASCOM PALMER EYE INSTITUTE has information about diferent eye conditions, including cancer.

NATIONAL EYE INSTITUTE has information about eye health and diseases, as well as diagrams of the inside of the eye.

IMPACT GENETICS provides genetic diagnostics for uveal melanoma and other rare diseases.

Uveal / Ocular Melanoma Organizations