Questions To Ask Your Doctor Uveal Melanoma

Questions to ask your Doctors

Questions to ask your doctor about your uveal melanoma diagnosis, treatment and prognosis:

• What type of cancer do I have?
• What stage is my cancer?
• What are the pros, cons and side effects of my treatment options?
• What are the expected survival rates with these treatments?
• Will receiving these treatments prevent me from receiving a different type of treatment in the future if I need it?
• Are there any more tests that need to be done before starting treatment?
• Will there be tests to determine how my disease responds to the treatment?
• How often will these tests be done during and after treatment?
• Will you change my treatment if it does not appear to be working?
• How long will the treatment last?
• How often will I see you during and after treatment?
• What other services are available to help me and my family cope with the disease?
• Are there any clinical trials that I can or should be considering?

About prognosis and survival

• Do you expect these treatments to cure my cancer? If not, what is the goal of this therapy?
• What is the usual life expectancy for this type of cancer?
• What are the best and worst case scenarios?

You are Not Alone

If you are in need of patient support, more information, or if you wish to speak with a patient support counsellor, contact Melanoma Network of Canada 905-901-5121 x108 or 1-877-560-8035 x112 or email