Peer-to-Peer Melanoma Support

The Peer-to-Peer Support program offers an opportunity to connect melanoma patients with a certified peer who has also been changed by a melanoma diagnosis. This program is free and is offered by phone and/or email anywhere in Canada. If you are a patient or caregiver please reach out to the Melanoma Network of Canada for support – we are here to help.

“Thus, through opportunities for engagement, social networks define and reinforce meaningful social roles including parental, familial, occupational, and community roles, which in turn provide a sense of value, belonging, and attachment. Those roles that provide each individual with a coherent and consistent sense of identity are only possible because of the network context, which provides the theater in which role performance takes place.

“In addition, network participation provides opportunities for companionship and sociability.” (Berkman et al., 2000)


Melanoma Support Group

Meet with others facing a similar diagnosis. Led by skilled health care professionals along with melanoma survivors. Support groups are free and are held the first Wednesday of every month. The Melanoma Network of Canada would like to highlight one new location in Aurora, at the Aurora Community Centre, 1 Community Centre Lane.

To register please visit or email

Email and Phone Support

Have you been recently diagnosed? Experienced a change in diagnosis? Would like to talk to someone about your experiences? Support is available Monday to Friday 9-5 ET. All calls and emails are confidential. For support please call Mary Zawadzki at 1-877-560-8035 ext. 108 or email

Volunteer Recruitment

If you have been changed by melanoma and would like to offer emotional support to someone in your community please contact:

Mary Zawadzki for further information. Online training is provided.

Patient Feedback Quotes:

“I’m impressed with your approach and counsel and look forward to keeping in contact as my journey proceeds.” 

“I am really finding that hearing other people’s good experiences with this treatment is helping me in the early stages of mine.”

“It’s just nice to hear about someone else who went through the same thing.”


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