Turning Up the Heat on Tanning Beds

In 2013, MNC was successful in lobbying government to enact restrictions on tanning beds to those over 18 years of age. We are incredibly pretty proud of our effort and the outcome. While we would have liked to see a total ban on these potential cancer causing radiation emitters, we know it is often smaller steps that make for long-term change.

You can help us today!

 In 2020, we are turning up the heat on tanning beds provided and promoted in fitness facilities. We have a team of volunteers working on a project to have them removed completely! With your support, we will ensure fitness centres make a truly healthy commitment by eliminating tanning bed use in their facilities.

Get involved. Contact Mary Zawadzki at 1-877-560-8035 x 108 | mzawadzki@melanomanetwork.ca

Have a healthy, sun safe winter. Don’t forget to wear an SPF full spectrum sunscreen of 50+, sunglasses are a must and enjoy!


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