About Canadian Sun Safety Council

Melanoma Network of Canada and Sun Safety Council


The Sun Safety Council (SSC) is a national advisory committee lead by the Melanoma Network of Canada, composed of industry leaders and organisations that have an interest in the development, promotion and advancement of sun safety awareness and an interest in reducing the impact of solar and UV (ultra violet radiation – including indoor tanning equipment), in prevention of skin cancers.

Our members represent Canada’s leading researchers, clinicians, and advocates for melanoma and skin cancer prevention.

Our Mission: 

The Council’s mission is to foster stakeholder, government and health care sector collaboration to promote evidence-based programs for sun and UV safety, policies, laws and awareness initiatives in support of health and for prevention of disease.

Our Vision: 

To reduce the numbers of melanomas and skin cancers in Canada through prevention and awareness initiatives built on evidence-based research and information and have Canadians practice healthy sun safe behaviours when outdoors.

Committees of the Sun Safety Council

The SSC works to identify strategic priorities through development and delivery on an annual strategic plan, developed by participating member organizations.

There are presently two working committees of the Council – the Government & Healthcare Provider Committee is a committee of appointed representatives of our SSC members that provides advice and guidance for the SSC on strategic priorities and policy that may be of interest or involve government and/or Health Care Providers. The Committee provides input into SSC’s policies and programs development as well as the identification of needs and opportunities.

The Communications Committee provides assistance and expertise in the development and implementation of effective marketing and communications plans for the Sun Safety Council (SSC) and in support of the Council’s goals and objectives


There are three levels of membership available:

  1. Executive Council Sun Safety Leader
  2. Sun Safety Partner
  3. Advisory Group Non-Profit/Medical Advisor

For information regarding membership, please contact Annette Cyr, Chair and Founder, Melanoma Network of Canada
(905) 901-5121 or 1-877-560-8035 x 101

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