Screen Me Sun Aware Camp Program


In summer 2014, Melanoma Network of Canada and the Douglas Wright Foundation launched the Screen Me™ Sun Aware™ Camp Program to protect children and teens from skin cancer by supporting Ontario summer camp owners and directors to implement sun safety best practices for all staff and campers.

The award winning program is free for participating camps and is the first of its kind in Canada! It is supported by the Ontario Camps Association, and has been awarded excellence in sun safety youth education by the Canadian Dermatology Association.

Camps Registered
Campers Sun Safe
Staff Sun Safety Trained
Canadian Dermatology Association as the recipient of their 2017 Public Education Award
Melanoma Network of Canada is thrilled to let you know that our Screen Me™ Sun Aware™ Camp program was recently chosen by the Canadian Dermatology Association as the recipient of their Public Education Award in the Not-for-Profit category. The committee was impressed with the Screen Me™ Sun Aware™ Camp program as it not only reaches a significant number of children, but also teaches young campers good sun safety habits, which they will then carry into adulthood. |

Screen Me Camp Sun Safety Sing-A-Long with the Fuddles 

Sing along with The Fuddles,  Melanoma Network and Screen Me™ about sun safety.  Skin cancer in combination with melanoma is the number one cancer worldwide, but the survival rate is high if it is detected early and unlike many cancers, melanoma and skin cancer is often clearly visible on the skin. We believe that educating youth with a fun and interactive song will help reduce rates in the future. “Grab your sunscreen and follow along!”  visit

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