Melanoma Stories

Maureen Meehan

My Personal Journey with Malignant Melanoma

Brandon Smith

Melanoma, My Invisible Enemy for 11 years

Ian Campbell

Facing a Future with Cancer

Young woman with eye patch

Cindy Nightingale

My experience with eye cancer

Vanessa Delle Monache

Be Your Own Advocate, it could save your life

Akeema Smith receiving melanoma treatment

Akeema Smith

Being diagnosed at 18 – My melanoma journey

Emma Newman

Further Education Led Me to Discover that I Had Melanoma

Bev Barbour

Coronavirus’ Silver Lining

Heather Derbecker

Unexpected- Pregnant and diagnosed with melanoma

Ken Graham

Coping with COVID-19

Catherine Lees

Treatments During COVID-19


Adjusting to COVID-19

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