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About Annette Cyr

Annette founded the organization in 2009 after a recurrence of melanoma. As a business and HR executive, she found information and resources for melanoma to be nearly non-existant. After completing treatment, she was determined to ensure future patients would have a better opportunity for accurate and accessible information and treatment. Annette is known as a national leader for her work to improve access to treatment for patients and for prevention of melanoma, including being a founding Director, Board and Committee member of the Canadian Cancer Clinical Trials Network (3CTN), former Board member of the Canadian Cancer Research Alliance, the Cancer Care Ontario Disease Site Working Group for melanoma, CONECTed (a coalition of patient advocacy organizations) and the Ontario Sun Safety Working Group (OSSWG). As a leader on patient advocacy and education, Annette has made frequent television and radio appearances and is quoted regularly in newspapers and in on-line articles.

In addition to her active and busy role as Board Chair of MNC, Annette provides individual assistance to patients and their families for drug access, treatment and is always a kind and informed wealth of information.

‘I received notice today that (our insurance company) will now cover my treatments starting in March 2018. Thank you so very much for all of your efforts to help us achieve this break. I know you spent many hours of lobbying on our behalf, calling and giving us direction and hope, communicating with (our doctor) and (the pharmaceutical company) and Bayshore and the (insurer), the access program, our MLA for discussions just to mention the ones I am aware of. Words cannot express how this will positively impact our lives. I want to contribute to your organization in the near future once this all comes to reality. Thank you, Thank you, and Thank you for all you have done for us.’ – Tom and Donna