Melanoma Videos Information Session Video Library

Melanoma & Non-Melanoma Treatment Updates
Dr. Teresa Petrella, BSc, MD, MSc, FRCPC Medical Oncologist

My Melanoma Journey and Successful Treatment with Braftovi & Maktov
Mike Copeman


The Game that Changed My Life – My Melanoma Journey
Brian “Red” Hamilton

Skin Cancer Prevention & Early Detection 
Dr. Julia Carroll, FRCPC (Dermatology)


Let’s Talk Sunscreen
Dr. Geeta Yadav, Dermatologist, MD, MHS, FRCPC

Updates from the 16th Annual Canadian Melanoma Conference
Dr. Elaine McWhirter MD, MSc., FRCPC

My Stage 3 Melanoma Journey
Terri Germaine


My Stage 4 Melanoma Journey
Brandon Smith


Melanoma Treatment Updates 2021
Dr. Xinni Song, MD, FRCPC

Modernizing Canadian Dermatology: Virtual care and what it means for me
Annie Liu, MD, FRCPC, FAAD

How to Access Clinical Trials in Canada
Stephen Sundquist

Living with Melanoma

Prevention of recurrence, early detection, and  benefits of mole mapping 
Dr. Ben Wiese

2020 Melanoma Treatment Updates
Dr. Roochi Arora, MD, FRCPC


Dealing with Melanoma During a Pandemic
Margo Kennedy, MSW, RSW

Living with Stage 3c Melanoma
Heather Hogendoorn


Melanoma Patient Support Services
Mary Zawadzki B.A, SSW, RSSW, Certified Professional Cancer Coach


Melanoma Questions Answered
Medical Oncologist- Dr. Elaine McWhirter MD., Clinical Researcher – Dr. Roochi Arora, MD. Social Worker- Margo Kennedy Heather Hogendoorn

Living with Melanoma: Exploring New Treatment Options for Melanoma Patients
Dr. John Walker M.D. Ph.D. FRCPC


Living Well With Melanoma
Kevin St. Arnaud, M.Ed.

Living with Melanoma – Melanoma Patient Jorney
Matthew Lui


Expanding Horizons in Melanoma Treatments
Dr. Marcus Butler, MD

Cutaneous Squamous Cell Carcinoma – Updates in Immunotherapy
presented by Dr. Butler MD


Uveal / Ocular Melanoma Webinar
Recorded February 4, 2019

Dermatology perspective on Therapies for Metastatic Melanoma, Recurrences and Monitoring
Dr. Levy

Psychosocial Aspects of Melanoma: The Patient and Family Experience
Dr. Rickinder Sethi, MD, FRCPC

The melanoma patient perspective with:
Jessica, John, and Glen with moderator: Annette Cyr

Side Effects of Immunotherapy
Sunnybrook Hospital


Stage IV Melanoma Story
by Don

Updates in Adjuvant Therapies
by Dr. Elaine McWhirter

Melanoma Surgery Updates
by Dr. Francescutti

Melanoma Patient Perspective
by Don Fernald

The Evolving Landscape of Melanoma
by Xinni Song & Tracey Moffatt

Immunotherapy and Other Treatments
by Dr. Teresa Patrella

Melanoma Patient Perspective – Patient Panel

Updates in Melanoma Surgery
by Dr. Frances Wright

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