Fundraising Third Party Events


Thank you for considering supporting Melanoma Network of Canada (MNC) through a special fundraising event, also called a third party event.

A third party event is an opportunity for you to use your creative ideas to help raise support for MNC. A third party event can be as simple hosting a bake sale or  gathering few friends together for dinner and giving your guests the opportunity to donate to planning a golf tournament or gala.

It is fun and easy to support MNC by hosting your own third party event, and we are here to help you get started. Every little bit helps and we appreciate your efforts to help us raise money to continue to support MNC’s work.


Almost any activity can be made into an “A-Thon”. Get participants to raise pledges and sign up for any number of a-thon appropriate activities.
E.g. Walk, Run, Skip, Read, Bike, Dance, Bowl, Skate, Aerobics/Yoga/Spin

Bake Sale
A bake sale is a tried and true fundraiser that brings tasty treats to your community while you raise money for the Melanoma Network of Canada. Who can resist a good cause and a delicious cookie?
Make sure that you advertise your bake sale well in advance. You’ll also want to set up your table or booth in a well-trafficked area to attract more customers. You can sell your tasty treats, but you can also place a tip or donation jar on the table for customers who feel extra generous. Get as creative as you want with the confections you create. The better they taste, the more people will want to buy them!

Nothing defines a great Canadian summer than a back yard BBQ. A BBQ fundraiser is a fun way to spend the day with friends and family, while supporting a good cause at the same time.

Car Wash
Local gas stations may allow you to host a car wash on behalf of the Melanoma Network. Set up posters around the community promoting the car wash and have larger Bristol board posters to promote the car wash on the day of. Make the car wash by donation only. You would be surprised how generous people can be. All you have to do is provide the soap, sponges and a few buckets. The more kids involved the better.

Chef’s Table
Host a night of delicious cuisine at a favorite restaurant and have the chef stage a four-course dinner with wine pairings.

Craft Beer & Bourbon Night
Hold a night of sampling craft beers and bourbon with specialty cocktails. You can theme the night and make this a party.

Donate Your Commission or Pay for a Day
This is a great way to get involved when you’re too busy to come along to other fundraisers.

Games Night
You just need games, a place and people. It can be as simple as charades or if you have a screen and console to hand why not go down the gaming route, charging friends to play.

Garage Sale
Chances are you have tons of stuff lying around that you should probably get rid of. Try hosting a garage sale one day this summer to clear out that extra clutter. Put signs around your community the week leading up to your garage sale. Even kids can help sell things.

Give It Up!
We all have bad habits, some worse than others, but if you have a habit you want to kick why not do it whilst fundraising for Strides for Melanoma Walk for Awareness? Over the years our supporters have raised money by giving up things like chocolate, television, alcohol, and smoking.

Karaoke Night
Time to stretch the vocal cords and get ready for a night of karaoke. If you’re on the lookout for a karaoke machine reach out to friends on social media to save money on renting one.

Lemonade Stand
Lemonade stands can be a fun activity for the whole family. Choose a fresh lemonade recipe from the internet. Most include water, fresh lemons and sugar. Set up a table on your front lawn. Purchase cups and a jug from the dollar store and a piece of Bristol board to make a fun sign for the front of the table. Let people know proceeds will go to the Melanoma Network.

Lunch & Learn
Find a few people on your team who have a skill they can share. Ask them to prepare a one hour session. Some ideas: mixology classes, cooking classes and art workshops.

Quiz night
The pub, village hall, local sports centre and your best mates garden are all venues suitable for hosting a quiz. Decide what is right (and available) to you and get working on those questions. Will the focus change by rounds or will your quiz be more niche, with all questions specific to a particular band, film or book? You host the night and guests pay to play. Simple… but the questions might not be.

Spa Day
Book a hair stylist, nail technician or make up artist. Advertise their services and ask colleagues to book slots with them one Friday afternoon. This is the perfect way for anyone going out that evening to get glammed up.

Spin Class
Take a one hour long spin class from a certified spin instructor. This is a great way to feel good on the inside and out.

Sponsored Silence
If you’re a chatter box who finds being quiet a challenge then perhaps raise funds with a sponsored silence, just remember don’t be quiet about the cause and your fundraising before or after the event!

Tournaments can be held for just about any competition.  Host a tournament with an entrance fee, or have participants raise money to participate. E.g. Miniature golf, Foosball, Ping Pong, Badminton, Billiards, Darts, Bowling

Wine & Chocolate Tasting Night
Hold a wine and chocolate tasting night after work with the guide of a local sommilier. You can charge a little more for this than other activities. Your colleagues are sure to love it.

Xbox / Playstation / Console Night
We hope you’re sat comfortably because a gaming fundraiser could leave you up all night, but make this gaming session one that matters by inviting people to play for a donation to the Melanoma Network of Canada


1. Let Us Know About Your Event

Melanoma Network of Canada (MNC) staff can help you with ideas and provide you with information, resources and support in planning your event.

2. Form A Committee

Recruit a team of enthusiastic volunteers with different skills and experience that can help with the various components of your event.

3. Set The Date And Venue

Schedule your event for a day that gives you enough time to plan and promote it. Make sure it’s not competing with another event happening in your community or workplace and keep in mind the holidays.Your event should be easily accessible to your expected attendees. And if your event is an outdoor activity be sure to remind participants to practice sun safety!

4. Set Your Fundraising Goal And Budget

Set a goal for your event and plan how you expect to reach your goal. Create a budget to manage all expenses and estimate the income from your fundraising activities.

5. Do You Need A License?

Check with your local municipality for lottery and raffle licence requirements and how long it takes to get them.

6. Use Of Melanoma Network Of Canada Name And Logo

To assist you with promotion and to add credibility, MNC can provide our logo for your event materials. To ensure the MNC identity is represented correctly, we ask that any promotional materials bearing MNC’s name or logo be approved by MNC.

7. Promote Your Event

Promote your event with posters and other traditional methods but don’t overlook online opportunities. Email and social media are a great way to get the word out.

8. After The Event

Now it’s time to submit the funds you’ve raised to MNC. Please submit funds within 30 days of the event. Event organizers should submit their list of donors so tax receipts can be issued where appropriate.

This one needs no explanation


The Melanoma Network of Canada (MNC) is a registered charity and as such, we can issue tax receipts for eligible donations from events that have submitted an event proposal and received approval in advance. In general, if an individual or corporation is receiving any benefit for their donation or contribution, then a tax receipt is not usually issued. MNC will determine the value of the charitable tax receipt based on the guidelines established by Canada Revenue Agency.

As a Third Party Event Organizer you may be asked about receipts for things like:

  • Cheque/cash pledges
  • Sponsorships
  • Donation of services
  • Donation of gift certificates
Cheque/Cash Pledges

Donation cheques should be made out to Melanoma Network of Canada. Cash can be collected and exchanged for a cheque made out Melanoma Network of Canada.  All information regarding the donor must be included (legible and complete contact details including full name, mail address and postal code must be provided). Donations of less than $25 will not be receipted unless specifically requested.

The total amount MNC receives from the event must be equal to or greater than the amount of tax receipts to be issued. Please consider how event related expenses will be covered.


Sponsorship is when a business makes a donation to a charity and, in return, receives advertising or promotion of its brand, products or services. Sponsorships are not eligible for a tax receipt.

Donation of Services

The donation of time, skill and effort are services do not qualify as gifts for donation receipt purposes.  Therefore, donations of services such as a fitness expert leading a warm-up or DJ hired to perform a service at an event cannot be receipted.


A donation of non-cash property such as equipment, food, event supplies etc. is considered a gift-in-kind.    It is the charities obligation to ascertain the Fair Market Value (FMV) of the gift-in-kind and if this is not possible then a receipt cannot be issued.

Gift Certificates or Gift Cards

The donation of a gift certificate or gift card from the issuer is considered a pledge and therefore no receipt can be given to the issuer of the card.

Fair Market Value (FMV)

FMV is normally the highest price, expressed in dollars that property would bring in an open and unrestricted market, between a willing buyer and a willing seller who are knowledgeable, informed and prudent and who are acting independently of each other. Items over $1,000 should be appraised by someone knowledgeable and independent of both the charity and the donor.

Melanoma Network of Canada Charitable Registration # 854913050 RR001

Further information on donations and tax receipting can also be found on the Canada Revenue Agency’s website at



1-877-560-8035 x 102