1. People in Canada have rights over the personal health data they provide. The Declaration of #PersonalHealthDataRights in Canada lists these 11 rights to create consensus on the principles associated with personal health data

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    Thank you for your quick response, after taking the wide local incision they found more precancerous cells in the borders. They are going to an even wider incision. Should I be worried that there are precancerous cells, and how will they ensure they get them all this time? I’m worried I may end up needing yet again another surgery and how do they know there aren’t other precancerous cells in other parts of my body? Is it just a waiting game, is there nothing they can do to kill any other cells to ensure I won’t have to go through all this again? Sorry, it seems like I’ve been through a lot in the last month and to be honest I’m pretty freaked out 🙁

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