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      Welcome back to the Melanoma Network. This is such an important resource for Canadians. You have been missed.

      I am 3 yrs NED but started with a scary diagnosis of having a very invasive melanoma. I hope to see others post there questions and concerns and triumphs here.

      Annette, Cathy, and many others, have lots of experiences with Melanoma and we would love to share them. I would want people to know that they are not alone. There is lots of support here, so post away.

      If you are new to the melanoma world, keep hope. Remember to be good to yourself, every single day. Life is precious.

      Yours in health,
      aka Optimist

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      Cathy NevinNevin

      Welcome back Abby! Here we are once again! this site has brought so many people together. In what for all of us began as what felt like such a negative point in our lives but in finding this site and reaching out to others and helping each other has brought forward much welcomed positives for each of us!

      happy to have so many who are willing to share their experiences and now have some of those people to reach out to often in simply trying to better ones day sometimes in having them to say “hello” to!

      Take care and welcome to those just venturing into the melanoma journey and welcome back to those returning to the discussion forum!!! Optimitsm is a very powerful thing!

      Nevin 🙂

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      Welcome to everyone! We are so pleased to have this resource available again!


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      Cathy NevinNevin

      Hello Diane,

      I have just this week posted a link to this site on the MRF site to be sure people know they can come here once again or perhaps for the first time! I’m happy to have MN Discussion Forum back and look forward greeting and supporting others, wherever they are in their journey with melanoma! 🙂
      Take care! 🙂

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