Three Tips For The Winter Holidays


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      Danielle Cahill

      Whether you are someone who loves the holiday season or could do without it, there is no doubt that this time of year can be stressful and bring up many emotions.
      Here are our top three Holiday Tips,

      Be gentle with yourself
      There can often be pressure for perfection in the holiday season. Whether it be gifting the most sought-after present, preparing the most delicious meal, or precisely following every family tradition, the pursuit of perfection can be overwhelming. Be gentle with yourself and your loved ones this season and try to reduce stress whenever and wherever you can.

      Make Use of Planners and Lists
      With the holidays being the busiest time of year for many, it can be easy to take on too much or neglect selfcare. Utilize lists and planners to visually understand where you are putting your time and effort this holiday season. Prioritize tasks and goals to avoid spreading yourself too thin.

      Set and respect your boundaries
      For many, the holiday season is the season of giving. Giving back to family, friends, and the community can be an amazing feeling, but it is equally important to recognize your own needs. Set boundaries around how much time and energy you can contribute to others without leaving yourself feeling burnt out. You may find respecting these boundaries to be difficult, but remember, you cannot pour from an empty glass!

      Feel your feelings
      With many of those around us feeling joyful and optimistic it can be difficult to acknowledge that we may not being feeling the most cheerful. Regardless of cause, give yourself permission to feel your true emotions this holiday season and remember it is okay to mourn, cry, and feel sadness.
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      Do you have any Holiday tips or tricks? We would love to here from you!

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