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      I am a 39 year old female in the east coast of Canada. I have the CDKN2A mutation and have had melanoma at least a dozen times. Luckily I have always caught them early and haven’t required treatments(other than excisions). My sister passed away from Melanoma 6 years ago and they never found her primary spot. I worry it is only a matter of time until I miss one. I am seen every 3 months by a dermatologist for her to examine my moles but am wondering if there is any other way to scan for melanoma besides biopsies. I have had a minimum of 30 excisions and it is really impacting my mental health and my children have been frightened by some of my incisions.
      Thanks in advance

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      Oh wow
      So sorry to hear about your situation and your sister(condolences)
      Thank you for posting and sharing. I am new to melanoma and I too wonder if there’s an easier scan. I haven’t had my first follow up and I’m really nervous. It will be just a skin check. I’m stage 2a myxiod melanoma nodular in form.
      I hope they can find a better way to scan you. Keep healthy.

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