Do you know how to detect subungual melanoma?


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      Mary Zawadzki

      Use the Alphabet of Nail melanoma To help identify Subungual Melanoma (SM)
      Age range 20-90 years. African American, Native American, or Asian.

      Band of Brown or Black pigment in nail OR Breadth of >3mm OR Border that is irregular/blurred.

      Change in size or growth rate of nail band OR lack of change in irregular nail despite treatment.

      Digit involved (nail melanoma is most common in the thumb>big toe>index finger). Pigmented band on a single digit is more suspicious than on multiple digits.

      Extension of brown or black pigment to the side or base of the nail.

      Family or personal history of melanoma or irregular moles.

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      Abbie Wiggin

      If I can add in some information that would be of benefit to others down the road.

      Please ask for a incision biopsy to be done instead of a scrap biopsy. Unfortunately I had a scrap biopsy done from the advice of the first Plastics Doctor. What originally was negative turned out to be 2 years later positive for melanoma.

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        Abbie Wiggin

        Thank you for sharing, I am sorry you had to experience this @stevef. Our patients and caregivers are always grateful for important advice like this. If you have any more insight you would like to share please do not hesitate to comment in the forum or send us an email at

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