diagnosis T2A, mitotic rate 12, need advice

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      Hi everyone,

      I am a Mom with 4 kids, with one of them still at home, early March my daughter found a spot on the top of my head, and in July I had it removed off the right side close to the top, the tumour 2.8cm with a thickness of 1.1, no ulceration, malignant melanoma! I have had a sentinel node biopsy, and wide excision surgery and PET scan, the biopsy and margins all came back clear, and the PET scan with suspicions on the liver and kidneys, a further ultrasound ruled them out as normal. I was feeling extremely hopeful blessed and relieved, I thought its caught early, I’m going to be okay… until yesterday I met with my oncologist and due to the high mitotic rate of 12 he is suggesting a treatment 11 month of interferon alfa-2b. I was up most of the night researching and it doesn’t sound like a very promising option. Is there a probability that the cancer has spread? What does this mean if I don’t do the treatment? Is there another option for treatment? Am I a candidate for a clinical trail? Didn’t even realize there was such a thing until I found this website, so thankful for all the information on here. It was such a shock yesterday, that I wasn’t prepared for any questions for my oncologist. Feeling so overwhelmed, how do you treat the unknown? Do you put your body through this treatment because there might be a chance. Of course I want to do everything that is humanly possible to beat this awful disease that so many of us are faced with. I just don’t know 🙁

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      Hi Trixie45,

      I totally understand, we have too many things to do, I’ve never been hoping my kids grow faster than now, I can’t leave them alone when they are still so young. But please be strong and positive, make sure you rest well, you need energy to fight this awful beast. I’m glad you found here, there are lots of information and people are friendly and helpful.

      I used to be extremely worried, as I learned more information, I can keep myself calm down now. There are more therapy available to fight this disease than 5 or 10 years before(my grandpa passed away in 2003, he got melanoma and it spread everywhere), this is not a sentence of death now.

      It’s awesome that all you exams are clear, I’m so happy for you. I understand why your oncologist suggest interferon, and I totally understand your concern. It looks interferon is the only therapy other than being monitored for early stages now. I don’t have experience and couldn’t give you more information on this, hopefully other patients could see your post and give you some advice.

      No matter what’s your choice, I hope you the best. I’ll keep you in my thoughts and prayers.


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      Annette CyrAnnette Cyr

      Hi Trixie,
      I am not sure what centre you are being treated at. There are some clinical trials for stage III patients now, in what they call the adjuvant setting – means basically that you have no evidence of disease but are at higher risk for recurrence. Currently, the only option in the adjuvant setting is interferon. I would certainly ask your oncologist about clinical trials at your hospital or perhaps a centre that is offering any of one is close by. Interferon is no picnic, but in a small percentage of people, it can help prevent a recurrence. As he is suggesting, it may be of some value with a higher mitotic rate. It is a tough decision – watch and wait is certainly an option that many choose and can be just as good. But I would suggest asking about any trials for your stage that may be open – there aren’t a lot, but it is worth asking.

      Annette – MNC

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