Caregiver burnout & What it looks like to you

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      Being a caregiver is a big job in itself, we want to support our loved ones the best way we can, but at times it can be difficult. What does caregiver burnout look like to you?

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      Caregiver burnout could look like:

      Where you can become physically, emotionally, and mentally exhausted from caring for your loved ones, at no fault to them or how you may feel. Each situation is different and can affect each caregiver in many forms. The need to care for your loved ones, who are currently on their medical journey or current stages in life, we want to attend to them in the best way possible without making a fuss. As a caregiver can only imagine how your dependents feel or what they are going through, which can transpire for the caregiver mentality to feel and reflect.

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      when do you start to notice?

      It can be shown in different ways such as
      Fatigue: Feeling tired often, weak, restless
      personality changes: depression Anxiety, sadness, overwhelmed, restless night, overanalyzing
      Physical: weight loss/gain, Headaches, body pain, and other factors

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      What causes caregiver burnout:

      Any physical needs from daily workload, emotional support needed for your loved ones, conflicting demands, time management (doctor’s appointments & travel time). Not knowing the unknown, fear for your loved ones, restlessness, sleep deprivation, lack of personal privacy, or motivation for your own personal self-care.

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      Ways to prevent caregiver burnout:

      Create boundaries for your own personal care, asking for help when needed or when available, giving yourself permission to find time, even as little as 15 minutes a day to enjoy something that you liked to do. Allowing you to have your own time, to yourself either by exercising, going for a walk, or taking moments to meditate.

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