AJCC Melanoma patient outcome prediction tool

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      Any community thoughts regarding the new AJCC melanoma patient outcome prediction tool?:


      One question I had was axial vs extremity.

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      Annette Cyr

      Hi Bluejay! I think these are all interesting tools. However, some people may potentially take it too much to heart. This was created after the last update on the staging tools in 2009 for melanoma (it is currently being revised again by the way), and the thing that complicates it now are the treatments that are available. The new targeted and immune therapies are having a profound impact on melanoma and other cancers. So, while the majority of patients are still not responding to treatment, we have a significant number that are. This will change the stats that accompany the staging – it will make it a more complicated discussion in the future for sure. As well, there are so many variants in this disease that I would take predictor models with a grain of salt. I still think there is a place, but it is no longer the whole picture! Just my two cents.
      Annette – MNC

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