Caregiver Support


As a caregiver, it is important to know that Melanoma Canada can help you in your role.  In addition to the resources and support we provide, you may want to contact your local hospitals to learn more about their support groups. Always talk to you healthcare provider if you have any questions.


By Phone or Email
905.901.5121 | 1.877.560.8035 x 112

Private Facebook Support Group
Our Facebook Caregiver Support Group remains open, allowing for discussion and accessible support at your convenience. 

Caregiver Articles
The Caregiver blog can be used to connect with other caregivers to discuss useful tips, either making suggestions on how to cope being a caregiver along with various other suggestions.  This can be accessed day or night.

Caregiver Forum

Ask questions or learn from others. Join our online community by visiting our skin cancer forum


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Free Melanoma Support

The Melanoma Network of Canada has a number of free services for patients, caregivers and healthcare professionals.