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We are pleased to announce and introduce Melanoma Canada’s NEW, real-time clinical trial finder for patients and caregivers. With the help of Carebox, we are now able to provide our community with a tool that makes the process of navigating available clinical trials, and their eligibility criteria, as seamless as possible.  

Why are clinical trials important? 

Clinical trials provide patients with cancer access to the newest types of treatment by recruiting their participation in determining whether a medication is safe and effective. Additionally, by taking part in a clinical trial, patients may be among the first to benefit from a new treatment. Because clinical trials are an important part of treatment for high-risk stage II patients, stage III and stage IV patients, we wanted to implement the tool contained inside our website for easy access, in lieu of referring patients to external resources.  

About the Melanoma Canada clinical trial finder 

The Melanoma Canada clinical trial finder is designed to connect patients with clinical trials using a matching technology, that transforms your eligibility criteria and answers to a questionnaire, into a database of preliminary study matches. Our goal in developing this tool was to minimize the confusion, stress, and burden that many patients and their families face in navigating clinical trials. Because the process of participating in a clinical trial is as unique as every individual, we wanted to provide our patient and caregiver community with a tool that asks the important and necessary questions, and ultimately does most of the heavy lifting for you.  

Whilst there are other clinical trial finders available on the internet, our clinical trial finder is unique in that it is embedded within our website, is focused on melanoma and non-melanoma skin cancers exclusively, and only shows recruiting studies from within Canada. This makes it unique compared to other finders which list clinical trials for all different types of cancers or conditions that are recruiting patients from around the world. We also wanted to develop a tool that was patient-focused in the presentation of clinical trial information, and because of that, all language and terminology used is aimed to better engage patients and caregivers. Our clinical trial finder is available in English and French languages.  


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