Cancer Coaching


Available Monday to Friday, 9am – 5pm EST. We aim to respond to all inquires within 48 hours. All communications are strictly confidential.

Being diagnosed with cancer can be a life altering experience for many people that often pushes someone to a place of unwanted changes in their lives. Meeting with a Cancer Coach can provide one-on-one support to help identify areas of desired change, set goals and make an agreed upon plan to work towards that change.

Three key areas a Cancer Coach can help with include: emotional, physical and practical aspects that present during cancer diagnosis, treatment, and management.

The goals of the Cancer Coaching Program are to:

  • Provide tools and coping strategies to minimize the anxiety and uncertainty of coping with cancer
  • Help address individual concerns so that the individual feels heard and well supported
  • Create an actionable, self-managed plan that addresses each patient’s specific concerns and identified needs
  • Provide necessary referrals and system navigation to address individual needs


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About Melanoma Canada Support Services

Please note we do not give medical advice, but can assist people with melanoma and other forms of skin cancer by answering questions, reviewing their diagnosis and treatment options, clinical trial information and helping to make sense of often complex terminology and information. If we can’t answer your questions, Melanoma Canada will research your specific question or request and provide you with a timely response wherever possible, either by phone or email. We try to help you navigate your diagnosis and the medical system wherever possible. For most of us, the diagnosis alone, can be stressful enough. We are here to help support and direct you to the right information and resources.

Abigail Wiggin

Abbie earned her bachelor’s degree in Health Studies and Bioethics from the University of Toronto in 2018. Her studies centered on the social determinants of health and related public policy, as well as moral and ethical considerations in medical practice and research.

After graduating from the University of Toronto, Abbie earned an Ontario Graduate Certificate from Humber College, in the emerging profession of Systems Navigation. As a Systems Navigator, she is trained to help individuals manage and coordinate their care. Whilst acting as an advocate and guide for patients, families, and members of vulnerable populations, Abbie’s work focuses on assisting clients through complex and interrelated systems, focusing on fortifying autonomy and fostering a patient-centered relationship. Whilst employing a strength-based model and utilizing motivational interviewing techniques, she is trained to assist clients throughout the continuum of care.

You can reach Abigail at
1.877.560.8035 x 112

Mary Zawadzki B.A. SSW, RSSW (Currently on Maternity leave)

Mary comes from 9 years’ experience in the not-for-profit sector. Throughout her social support practice she engages in counselling clients at various stages of their healing journeys from a trauma informed lens. Her experience in crisis management will allow her to confidently support patients through a cancer diagnosis and for them to be heard and validated in their experience. Mary uses her practice skills in the areas of providing empathic support, active listening, problem solving and compassionate care to clients seeking counselling services